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Princesses Need Not Apply 

Shit is breaking down — in our 22 year old RV, in my ability to deal with the challenges of traveling in a 22 year old RV, in Dennis’s patience with his wife’s inability to deal with the challenges of traveling in a 22 year old RV. You can see the spiral, watch the ways in which all of these challenges can quickly unravel this life we’re trying to make work. 

We have discovered the source of the leak (which I wrote about last week). We thought perhaps it was the water tank, but then when we hooked up at a…

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Counting on the Kindness of Strangers 

We are parked at soggy, muddy campground just outside of Eureka Springs, our first day off in what feels like many, many moons. It’s spring in the Ozarks — which apparently means cool temperatures and a good healthy mountain wind blowing through the pines and the still mostly bare deciduous trees, and rain, rain, and more rain. There is a leak as yet to be determined somewhere in the water system of the camper, and so the carpet is also damp and cold in places. The Rialta smells like, well, like musty, old…

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Finding Gratitude in a January Rain 

It’s 11:03 pm on Monday, January 16th. Martin Luther King Day. I type these thoughts of gratitude, counting my blessings, amazed at my good fortune — all the while with a bruised and battered rib cage, a brutally stiff back, and swollen elbow. 

I started the day like all winter days, by setting my water to boil for coffee while I sifted out the coals in the wood stove. Separating the ash and coaxing it into the ash pan below, then adding the kindling to start the new fire, is a meditative task that I…

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